Kevin Coyne

Hans-Jürgen Buchner ist künstlerisch maßgeblich von Kevin Coyne geprägt worden. Kevin Coyne ist es auch zu verdanken, daß die Musik aus Haindling auf Platten verewigt wurde.

Kevin Coyne schrieb über Haindling:

                    HAINDLING: A TRIBUTE

I first met Hans-Jürgen Buchner in Vienna in the early


His unique character struck me from the first seconds

of our meeting. I loved his charming Bavarian English,

his surrealistic sense of humour and (later, after he'd

played me a cassette in his car) his vibrantly eccentric

but brilliantly commercial music.

I like to think of our meeting as a matching of minds,

with his free, intelligent spirit a perfect companion

for my own.

His first L.P. (made, I believe, after he successfully

used some connections of mine to gain a contract with

Polydor) proved to be a classic.

The Haindling debut album has worn very well. It still

sounds as fresh and original today as it did on first


Haindling and Hans-Jürgen are now a Bavarian institution,

and I like to think I played a tiny part in this splendid

state of affairs. For me the Buchner spirit is universal.

Everyone everywhere should be listening to the positive

Haindling experience.

Who cares about the language barrier?

The feeling in his music says it all.

P.S. One day I hope to make a record with 'The Meister'

     (we've already shared a stage several times, already

     tentativeley tried writing songs together).

     This would be one of the high points of my thirteen

     years spent living in Nürnberg - a true soul brothers


     How about it Hans-Jürgen ?

                                    Kevin Coyne,

                                           August 1998

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Kevin Coyne ist am 2. Dezember 2004 im Alter von 60 Jahren gestorben.